Month: May 2017

Why Your Gym Style Matters

When it comes to the gym, guys typically fall into one of two categories.  They’re dedicated athletes who plan their workouts and meals, or they view fitness as a necessary evil.  Guys who fall into the first group tend to dress like the scouting prospects at the NFL Combine.  Compression shirts, running tights, powerlifting shoes.  These men come to the gym dressed like Olympic athletes—even if their physiques don’t always complement the style of dress.  The other guys tend to show up to the gym in whatever rags they could find.  An old t-shirt with a couple holes around...

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The Secrets To Growing An Amazing Beard

  You have your sights set on #beardgoals but it’s just not happening.  You envy those modern lumberjacks in your Instagram feed with their full Gandalf beards, all shiny and fluffy and long.  While those guys make it look easy, growing a beard is actually hard work.  You need products, tools, and, most important of all, patience.  The good news is you’ll get the beard of your dreams if you take a new approach.  The not-so-good news is that you’ll need time and a little extra dough. Moisturize Your Beard It’s surprising how many guys think growing a beard...

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Why You Need a Bomber Jacket in Your Wardrobe

Though men’s fashion isn’t as cyclical as its female counterpart, the racks in our favorite stores are still affected by trend.  The biggest trend in menswear right now is streetwear.  The casual, urban aesthetic can be found everywhere from exclusive boutiques to discount department stores.  For streetwear enthusiasts and those more hesitant to try out the style, the bomber jacket is the perfect alternative.  Unlike ripped jeans or longline t-shirts, bombers don’t push the wearer out of his comfort zone.  There’s just enough modern detail to fit any aesthetic.  Don’t think twice about adding one to your arsenal.  Regardless...

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Summer Skin Care for the Low Maintenance Guy

  Summer’s just around the corner.  In no time, your days will be filled with beach vacations, outdoor dinners, barbecues and fun in the sun.  Your wardrobe will get more relaxed.  You’ll work a little less.  Life will be a little easier.  But one area you shouldn’t relax is your skincare.  During the warmer months, your sun exposure can triple.  In case you haven’t heard, UV rays can do a number on your face bringing on everything from freckles and sun spots to premature wrinkles and damage.  There’s nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying a cold one in...

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5 Men’s Style Mistakes to Avoid This Spring

With Spring weather in full effect and Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, it’s time to switch up your wardrobe to embrace the season.  It’s time to ditch the dark colors, thick fabrics and heavy jackets.  However, without the protection of layers, a lot of guys lose their way with style.  Whether it’s a pair of ill-fitting shorts, a crazy mix of patterns or outdated choices, shedding that extra layer doesn’t always work in your favor.  You might be a style rule breaker and completely unaware of it.  If you need some guidance, start by avoiding these 5...

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